For New Patients

Professional Services:
All services are provided by appointment. Treatment needs vary, and Dr. Wheeler will work with you to set up the most appropriate schedule.

Payment is expected at the time of service. Fees are consistent with other psychiatrists practicing in the area. Please contact our office, and our Office Manager will review the fee schedule with you. Initial appointments are scheduled for 60 minutes;  follow-up appointments are typically 25 minutes. Historically, fees have been adjusted about every two years; when the rates change again, you will be given at least 30 days notice.

Other Possible Charges: 
Brief phone calls are considered to be part of ordinary treatment, and we do not bill patients for them. However, extended telephone time may be pro-rated at the usual rate. Written reports, preparation of treatment summaries, consulting with other professionals with your permission, and the time spent performing any other service on your behalf will be pro-rated at the usual rate, if the time spent on these services is extensive.

Dr. Wheeler does try to finish appointments within the time allotted. If your appointment runs significantly longer, the extra time is pro-rated.

We do not participate in any medical insurance plans.  This means that we don’t accept insurance, and we don’t bill your insurance.  However, many insurers provide out-of-network benefits.  We will provide you with an invoice at the time of each service. Your invoice contains all the pertinent information (diagnosis code, treatment code, date of service, etc.) that your insurance company requires for you to submit for reimbursement.

To check on Out-of-Network Benefits:

We encourage patients to check with their insurance company to see if they have out of network benefits.  If you wish, we can provide you with the treatment codes which will most likely be used during your treatment so that you can find out what your reimbursement will be.

Dr. Wheeler is a “Medicare Opt-Out” physician. This means that Medicare provides no reimbursement for her services. Per Medicare regulations, patients with Medicare will be asked to sign a contract acknowledging their understanding of this. If you have a secondary insurance, it is possible that some reimbursement benefits may be available. Our office manager will be happy to discuss this with you further.

Medicaid/Medical Assistance
Medicaid regulations prevent Dr. Wheeler from accepting payment from Medicaid patients and they will not pay for prescriptions written by non-Medicaid providers.  Therefore, we do not accept Medicaid patients, even if they wish to pay out of pocket.

Azaleas at Brighton Dam Painting by Bill Schmidt

Azaleas at Brighton Dam
Painting by Bill Schmidt

Contacting Dr. Wheeler:
The phones are answered during office hours on Monday through Thursday.  Our office is closed on Friday.  If you get the voice mail at a time when we are usually here, the  staff are probably with a patient or on the phone. We make every effort to return calls on the same business day on Monday through Thursday.

For emergencies during work hours, please call the office. Dr. Wheeler does not answer her cell phone during appointments. Outside of business hours, established patients may call the emergency cell phone. The number is on our outgoing voice mail, and it is also given to patients at their initial appointment. If you do not hear back within twenty minutes, then call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please provide at least 24 hours notice. The practice often has a waiting list, and we need time to fill the appointment. Appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice, or appointments missed without notice, will be billed at the regular rate if we cannot fill the time.  If we are given enough notice and are able to fill the time slot, you will not be billed.

All spoken and written information related to your care is held in strictest confidence. We will not provide information to a third party without your written consent, except when required by law. Legal exceptions include potential harm to yourself or others, suspected child abuse, and some court subpoenas. Should you wish for me to release information to a third party, please sign the “Release of PHI (Private Health Information)” form, which is in the new patient document section of the website. We can also give you one at the office, if you would prefer.

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