Dr. Wheeler has been named a “Top Doc” by What’s Up Annapolis magazine for 2015-2016, 2017-2018, and 2019-2020!

8/12/20 – SPECIAL NOTICE REGARDING COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS:  We continue to offer most appointments via phone or FaceTime.  If you prefer to be seen in person, please notify the Office Manager when you schedule your appointment.  Masks and social distancing are practiced in our office.

Dr. Nancy Wheeler is a psychiatrist who has had a private practice in Annapolis, Maryland since 2002.  Dr. Wheeler treats patients with mental health concerns by utilizing psychopharmacology (medications.) She works closely with referring physicians and therapists to ensure continuity of care. Dr. Wheeler is dedicated to getting to know patients as a whole; she believes this is paramount in making an accurate diagnosis. She listens and responds to patients’ questions and concerns, and she educates patients about various options. Together, Dr. Wheeler and her patients work collaboratively to ensure individualized, optimal care. Her friendly and caring office manager ensures prompt response to patient phone calls and administrative issues. Dr. Wheeler welcomes your phone call to discuss the practice or schedule an appointment!

Dr. Wheeler specializes in the treatment of:

  • depression
  • bipolar disorder
  • attention deficit disorder
  • generalized anxiety
  • panic attacks/agoraphobia
  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • women’s mental health (post-partum depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, medication during pregnancy, perimenopause)
  • eating disorders
  • complicated bereavement
  • schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder
  • mental health issues co-occurring or secondary to other medical conditions
  • patients with complex medication regimens
  • ongoing care/treatment as well as second-opinion evaluations

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